Saturday, April 4, 2009

the cutest infestation ever

things are happening! it's 9 days til my final review and then i'm pretty much locked in a flight pattern til vernissage. so yeah, i can't stay long.

i am really into the ways in which we interact physically, emotionally, and intimately with hardware and software, especially social technologies, but also actual technological objects. for example, i sleep next to my laptop. every night. on the screen is live video feed of my partner, who lives 500 miles away, sleeping. this is how we deal with distance. he and i like to talk about how our children (OUR HYPOTHETICAL CHILDREN! more like the next generation in general) will interact with technology.


i wish there was a terminator that took place in a future where judgment day was postponed for a couple decades, so we could see how gradually we further integrated our daily lives with interpolative technology. this is how it starts:

the future is bunnehs!

if that wasn't jetsons enough for you, how about programming your coffee cup and car keys to tell you things!

i don't know whether to be totally freaked out or totally amazed and covetous. i am both, actually. this ambivalence has been a huge source of inspiration in the past...

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jsim said...

Hey Hannah.
Those bunneys and the ztampz (or whatever they are called) are really cool. I have this paper that's due since forever which I think will be about how media is remediated in new ways in our every day lives in this day and age, and this could be a really cool example though it's not that media related. The whole thing with how our reality is changing and being augmented by technology and new forms of communication is just sooo interesting, but also just confuses the hell out of me.

Oh, and that thing with having your partner sleeping next to you through your laptop is super comforting and somehow natural. I did it too with this girl I had a longdistance thing with.