Monday, May 4, 2009

this is the new sound. I CAME TO GET DOWN


my chapstick friend carling got free tickets to dinah shore (if you don't watch the L word, that's like spring break for power lesbians) recently and saw lady gaga perform live. on our ikea run this weekend, she introduced me to this amazing little number. um, speaking of ikea, WHEN THE FUCK DID BARBARA KRUEGER START DOING THEIR DISPLAYS???

i had previously written gaga off as just another factory girl (plus the non- acoustic version of poker face MAKES MY EARS BLEED) but after hearing carling's play by play account/deconstruction of her live show i did some research.....this chick is like a delicious pop culture smoothie where bowie meets xtina meets madonna with a hefty dose of feminist media studies thrown in like a protein booster. and it tastes GOOOOOD. as for kanye, well, i love that crazy dude. he's so smart, and such a dick. do i wish he hadn't just done a collaboration with my LEAST FAVORITE ARTIST EVER? yes. but nobody's perfect. at least he's ok with being railed by the south park boys. and kid cudi is so filthy and wonderful. i'm wondering if he and amanda blank have done anything together... by the way i am kind of losing my shit over here over this whole thesis show thing, but i am dealing.

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