Saturday, January 24, 2009

fashion photography at the international center of photography

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pyramid has now closed and been deinstalled. all in all, i think i will remember this experience fondly as a truly productive collaboration. dodes and i are very different as people and artists but it was great doing a piece together. it's funny: last fall we both had jill miller for tutorial, and she kept telling us we should be friends and collaborate. jill was one of the first professors at this school that really supported me. i palpably remember showing her the portfolio i applied with and her saying " i totally get what you were doing here", and how relieved i was, because i had had no real response to that work yet. she was actually a friend as well as a professor, and that's kind of unusual and wonderful. she has since moved on to a better job at carnegie mellon, which is also most likely the better school as well.

also, i did my first color correction, which i think went pretty well, and used some of the stuff i learned in the editing intensive to make the sound a more viable component of the piece. the opening was well-attended and i think we pulled the artist's talk off without a hitch.

two of the channels of the piece are available on my website. for the third channel, go to dodes' website. i'll have some installation shots ready eventually.

there is no rest for the wicked. next on the agenda is continued work with the navy doc under the tutelage of jay rosenblatt, and a series of videos based on the concepts explored in "if i was a man".

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